I’m here to help you discover more meaning and create more impact.

The hustle is relentless. I know…I’ve spent most of my life exactly there. Always striving and yet never arriving where I intended.

The Twenty20 team a few years back.

I’m intimately familiar with the incredible highs, lows, and all of the in-between of startup life.

I’ve started too many things to even count. Many were spectacular failures. Some had some real legs though. I’ve raised venture capital. Hired and fired people for all sorts of reasons. Signed Fortune 500 clients. Laid people off that I considered friends.

The years of the hustle took its toll.

My friendship with my co-founder evaporated. My marriage began to crumble. I missed the majority of my son’s first year of life. My mental and physical health deteriorated. I told everyone who asked that “we were crushing it!” but on the inside, I was being crushed.

I was sacrificing it all to win; and losing myself in the process.

My Turning Point

I can be a bit stubborn, so things got pretty bad before I was willing to consider any help.

Exhausted of hating one another, my co-founder and I decided to go on a leadership retreat. It was there that I got my reboot. Where I met a coach who helped me notice:

  • I was successful by the world’s standards. Yet I’d never examined my own.
  • I was terrified of wasting what I saw as the greatest opportunity of my life.
  • I had believed that leadership meant pretending to have all of the answers.
  • I was barely leading or living at all.

I began to look inward for answers. I started noticing the stories that I had been telling myself – many for decades – about who I am or who I need to be.

Tearing down the bullshit wasn’t easy and everything didn’t magically get better. In fact many harder days were ahead.

The difference was that when those moments arrived I was clear on who I was – as both a person and a leader.


I’m proud of who I am, but I’m not perfect. My anger can get the best of me. I bite my nails, I hate it. I overthink every word I type.

Me, Mr. Clay, my wife Katie, and our Harper Girl. They’re the best.

I certainly have not arrived, but I’m up for the journey.

My two amazing kids remind me daily how important presence and play are to a well-lived life. My wife keeps me grounded and continues to be my most powerful ally.

I’m a meditator and triathlete, knowing that my mind and body are paramount to my experience.

I choose to regularly escape the hustle of life and spend time in the wilderness. In solitude and open spaces, I can access a truer version of myself.

I seek out relationships and experiences over possessions. This is how I make my life truly rich.

In my work, I walk alongside amazing people – founders, leaders, and their teams – serving as a guide for living authentic and impactful lives.

Together we will redefine what it means to lead. To lean more fully into your truth. To live divided no more. To grow into the best version of yourself.

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