If you’ve built companies before then some of these tools are going to be a no-brainer for you. I’ve included everything anyway.


You: An Owner’s Manual (A Guide for You and Your Team to Level-Up)

Creating and sharing owner’s manuals was one of the most profound moments for our leadership team while building Twenty20. It helped us understand ourselves better, how to support each other better, and built a new level of trust within the team. It was a big win. This is my guide for you and your leadership team to do the same.


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development (Book)

For creating customers even if you don’t have a product, this is the book that I suggest for starters. Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany is the book if you want a deeper dive.

Balsamiq (Wireframing tool)

There may be more elegant, full-featured tools out there but Balsamiq for me is crazy easy to whip a wireframe together for starting a discussion.


Slack (Team Communication)

Now the gold standard in team communication and so so much better than using email.

GSuite (Email)

Even with Slack, you’re still going to need email and Gmail is still the standard. Gsuite makes it easy to setup and manage users as you scale. Found these codes to save you 20% your first year G Suite Basic Plan (code: 3CHGJ3G99X6LJN6), G Suite Business Plan (code: H64QENCGVYVF3A4)