Working Together

I’ve been privileged to work with founders and leaders at some of the most iconic and ambitious organizations of our generation:

How I Help:

I also work alongside an incredibly talented team at Evolution, which allows me to connect you with experts on topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion; training managers in your org; people processes; and more.

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What My Clients Say:

Todd is a gifted listener and a deep thinker. He has a talent for homing in on the questions that really matter, even when they are buried behind false assumptions or stubborn narratives.

Todd is one of the most sincere and transparent people I've ever met. He is a true professional, but he cares deeply about the people he coaches. His words and actions constantly demonstrate a personal investment in helping his clients discover answers inside themselves.

It's easy to talk to Todd about the challenges of running a startup, since he's done it himself and knows how taxing it can be. He has powerful insights about how to face the demands of the business world while staying grounded as a human being.

- CEO, Web3 Company

Todd was instrumental in helping me develop a thriving and authentic culture for my company. Not only did Todd have a tremendous impact in our ability to hire and retain top talent through a challenging hiring climate in Silicon Valley, but he had a tremendous impact on my own ability to lead them. I wouldn't be here without him!
- CEO & Founder

Todd helps me define what I want from my work and my life, then helps me stay true to my desires and not veer off course, despite a plethora of opportunities to do so. He is the person who keeps me true to myself & my dreams, which was something I've never had before. I am grateful to have him in my corner.
- M.M., CEO & Founder

The one thing that really stood out while speaking with Todd was his deep understanding of people and human behavior. His inputs definitely helped me become a better leader and a better communicator.
- CEO & Founder

Before working with Todd, I frequently beat myself up over difficult but uncomfortable or difficult decisions. After I had more acceptance and empathy, for both myself and those affected.
- Taylor Margot, CEO & Founder, Keys

Todd is a compassionate, thoughtful coach. I came to him feeling totally overwhelmed about my business - like I was running in a hamster wheel, expending all this energy but not getting anywhere. Todd has been a great sounding board, supporting me to discover business-building activities that bring me joy instead of weighing me down.
- D.A., Founder

I approached Todd to begin my leadership practice after failing to achieve success in a Head of Product role I had taken and held for about 6 months before leaving the company. Naturally, I wondered if I could have done things differently, was there a winning approach I hadn’t seen? With these questions in mind, Todd and I set out to uncover my own strengths and weakness in leadership. Through carefully guided 1:1 sessions I learned that leaders aren’t just the best decision makers at a company, they’re individuals who are willing to be emotional, charismatic, empathetic, and at times vulnerable themselves. To have the emotional and mental bandwidth to say to your colleagues: I deeply care about you, your success, and not just the outcome of this project is the greatest gesture you can make to someone you work with. I now hold a executive role at a larger company than the last, making profound impact on the business and our teams with this new found perspective.

I highly recommend working with Todd to anyone at any level or stage in their career, looking to expand their vision of who they can be, both in and beyond the workplace.

- M.R., Product Leader @ Venture-Backed Startup

Before we started working together, I was quickly moving into a leadership role with very little guidance or coaching to help me along the way. This was challenging for me because i was learning how to lead as I went and by myself. Working with Todd has allowed me to exponentially grow as a leader and ensure that my team has what they need from me to be successful. It has pushed me to think differently and work through tough problems that I have had. Todd has kept me accountable to my growth and leadership goals which in turn means that my team has benefited from this too.”
- Senior Leader at a Series D Startup